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Very useful applications on command lines.

Windows Tools is a full suite which has many extra applications for our Windows operating system. These applications are installed on our equipment and, when we launch the command indicated, it is quickly and easily implemented.

Users can find the "whereis" among the commands, and with this we can perform searches; the "dskclear",    can perform recursive deletion operations; there are many other commands included such as clipboard, crfile, dirinfo, dskclear, exec, execc, exitwin, hardlink, intcopy, iwhereis, joinln, lnunique, nrngen, nvx, osver, osverw, etc.

It is quite a simple programme to use and can be downloaded very easily on to our computers. The download is very quick and easy; as soon as this application has been installed we can start to use the commands for all of the actions we wish to perform.

It is a very useful programme and is very easy to use for everyone who is already used to working with commands; however, for those who are not used to commands, they will have to get used to the dynamics of them, which can be done in a very short time.


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