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An application which enables you to go back to working with the command lines.

Ic you are nostalgic and you like working with command lines like you did in the MS-DOS times, this is sure to be of special interest to know that there is an updated tool which enables you to continue to work as in the old dayso: it is called Comandiux and you have it available from the Portal Programas web. Let us tell you how it is made up...

Do you remember with affection those old black screens full of MS-DOS letters? Would you prefer to continue working wih this formula rather than in more modern environments full of windows? why not? You can do so, and more now that you know that Comandiux exists. Thanks to Comandiux nor only will you be able to continue using the command lines to work., but everything will also be much faster and efficient. Because you will realise how much time you save by not having to open and close infinite windows...

You are going to be able to do an endless number of operations within your Comandiux, and all in the old fashioned way. From watching the devices of your equipment, restart your PC, turn it off, suspend it, see the OSD information on your screen, turn the volume up or down of your Windows applications, play your WAV files in your computer and much more.


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