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This efficient remote control app allows you to handle your Android from a computer

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You can't run any app from your computer's screen

AirDroid is a quite useful free Android app that provides you remote access to your smartphone or tablet from the web browser of your PC or Mac. It's really easy to use and prevents you from needing cables to connect your device to your computer, plus giving you the chance to remotely lock your phone if it gets lost or stolen.

Handling your Android device from your computer is easy, you must simply connect both devices to the same wireless network. Once this is done, AirDroid will provide you the URL address you have to type on your browser in order to control your smartphone or tablet from it. From there on, your Android device and your computer will be together and synced, even if they're physically distanced.

You'll be able to watch your smartphone's or tablet's interface in your computer's screen in real time. Of course you can seamlessly transfer files, videos, pictures, music and whatever you want between your computer and your Android device, as easy as drag and drop the files you want to transfer into the browser window.

In addition, there are some default operations you can easily access to handle your mobile device from your computer, such as turning it off, lock it or even send and receive SMS. Your computer's larger screen and keyboard will help you browse your sent and received messages far more confortably, as well as type your SMS easier. Also noteworthy is the ability to install and uninstall Android apps from your web browser, and mustn't be forgotten that you can backup all your files, data and apps in order to restore them if it's necessary. The list of other operations you can perform is quite extensive, including to select your ringtones, manage your phonebook, copy and paste your clipboard's content, transfer URLs and much more.

But one of the most valuated features on AirDroid is its anti-theft functions, which allows you to remotely lock your phone or tablet if you lose it or it get stolen. No matter how far away might your Android have gone, because AirDroid helps you locate it on Google Maps, remotely lock it so no one can use it or access to your private data and, if eventually you can't find it, this app allows you to remove all the information stored on your device from home, saving a backup copy at your computer, to recover all your activities as soon as you get another smartphone.    

If you want to get full control over your Android device from the comfort of your computer's desktop, wireless and with the ability to seek and find your device and lock it remotely if you lost it, AirDroid is for sure one of your best options.

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I love it

10 years and 12 months ago

It seems very good idea and really gives you great control over your mobile phone. But for more than whatever else should let you use the phone from the computer, ie, run any application you have on your mobile and browse the menus from the screen.

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Quite slow

10 years and 8 months ago

I find it quite slow when trying to transfer music to my Android, but in general is a useful app. Would be even better if it would be possible to run your phone's apps on the PC, such as WhatsApp or some games

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3 votes





9 years and 4 months ago

Excellent application. Recommended as one of the best. Deserves 5 stars.

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