X-Force: Fight for destiny

X-Force: Fight for destiny


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This is a game in which you will face aliens, either in space or on Earth.

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X-Force is a new version of the video game UFO: Enemy unknown. This game has been created for all those people who love this kind of games, so that they can have one in which they will be able to play from anywhere. This video game has high quality graphics and effects, which is why it will seem that you really are in the space fighting against aliens.

The app is divided into three phases, which you have to complete to gradually evolve in the game. In the first phase you will have to fix all your ships, the weapons you own and all the troops which you will use to fight this threat; in the second part you should go to find UFOs in the space and fight there against the aliens, in order to eliminate them before they reach the Earth; the third part will consist in eliminating and fighting all the UFOs that have managed to enter the Earth, with the purpose that they can't conquer it and take control of it.


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