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Prevent your enemies from regenerating and you complicating your victory.

A strategy game in the first person.

In this passionate three dimensional shooting videogame we have to opt for any of the sides we have to choose from, human or extra- terrestrial before starting the action, if we choose the humans side we will be marines, if we choose the extra-terrestrials side, we will play under alien forms. Once the group is selected the action begins, where our goal is to kill the highest number of enemies and destroy all of the installations they possess, to avoid further regeneration.

The storyline of the game is very similar to the rest of the games in its category, as we go along passing the missions we will achieve improvements in our weaponry on the humans side and without fighting on the extra-terrestrial side we will continue to upgrade the race to confront the humans. At the same time as passing the missions we must worry about our equals by the construction of buildings, the purpose of which will be medical or for defending our positions.    

The game is completely free and we must play on the Internet or through a local network.

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