UFO Alien Invasion

UFO Alien Invasion


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Strategy and suspense unite as you rid the planet of alien invaders.

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UFO: Alien Invasion is a game of strategy combined with military realism of pure science fiction and suspense of alien invaders. The game is designed in the year 2084 and you are the head of a security agency that is in charge of defending against invasion. Prepare you team for combat and develop a defense plan to be able to destroy the invaders.    

You will need agents to go to the ground where the aliens are occupying on their ship,    which you know what you objectives are here. You will have to go to them and see what there powers are and get them on your side. You will be able to enjoy this exciting game of invasion, or play with your friends, in this case, they will be your enemies.

This game was inspired by the X-COM series, but it is not a continuation of this saga, nor does it copy its adventures.    

Download UFO: Alien Invasion and confront the alien invaders and see if you have the strategy skills to defeat them.


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