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Download Top Eleven for Android and embark on your journey as a football manager, crafting the legacy of your own club while competing on the global.

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Expansive team management and tactical control
Real-time matches against global managers
Extensive club customisation options
Regular updates and licensed club items


Requires a consistent internet connection
In-app purchases can be tempting
Learning curve may be steep for new managers
Time investment to achieve club growth

Top Eleven is an immersive football management game that lets you take the reins of your own club. As you step into the role of a manager, you’ll experience the thrill of devising strategies, training your squad, and competing against millions of players worldwide. The app allows for a detailed level of control over your team’s tactics, transfers, and stadium facilities, ensuring that every decision you make influences your club’s success.

Discover the intricacies of team management in Top Eleven

Top Eleven offers a comprehensive team management system that puts you in the driver’s seat of a football club. You can create and implement training regimes to improve your players’ skills and prepare them for upcoming matches. Balancing the club’s finances becomes a strategic component, as you must invest wisely in your squad and stadium upgrades to ensure long-term success.

This management extends beyond the pitch as player morale and fitness play pivotal roles. Negotiating contracts, handling injuries, and rotating your squad keeps the game realistic and engaging. With Top Eleven, you’re not just playing the role of a coach; you’re living the life of a football manager.

Take strategic control over your football team

In Top Eleven, every tactical decision can have a significant impact on match outcomes. You can adjust formations, instruct individual players, and respond to the flow of the game in real-time. Whether it’s opting for a defensive 5-4-1 to protect a lead or an aggressive 4-3-3 to chase a win, you have complete freedom to define your team’s style.

Monitoring player performance during the matches allows for educated tactical changes. Substitutions, tweaking player roles, or altering your team’s pressing intensity can turn the tide in your favour. This level of control makes Top Eleven a dream come true for the tactically inclined football fan.

Build and upgrade your club’s facilities

Top Eleven takes the term ‘club development’ to the next level with a host of upgradable facilities. From expanding your stadium to investing in youth facilities, the game ensures that infrastructure is just as crucial as on-the-pitch tactics. Each upgrade bears practical benefits, from increasing revenue to nurturing the next generation of talent.

The sense of progression as you watch your humble beginnings grow into a formidable footballing fortress keeps the game rewarding. Decisions on whether to improve your medical facilities or training grounds can have long-lasting effects on your team’s abilities and resilience.

Engage in competitive matches and tournaments

Top Eleven is lauded for its competitive edge and diverse tournament structures. You can lead your team in league matches to climb up the divisions, proving your management skills against similarly skilled opponents. The allure of the Champions League-style competition adds to the excitement as you strive to prove your team’s worth against the best.

Beyond leagues, cup tournaments add an additional challenge, where a knockout format demands different tactics and the ability to handle pressure. Intense rivalries develop over time, creating an online community of managers battling for supremacy, adding a social dimension to the game.

Challenge other managers worldwide

In Top Eleven, you’re not just facing AI; you are pitted against real people from all around the globe. This creates a dynamic and ever-changing competitive environment where each opponent brings a unique strategy to the table. Global leaderboards and player stats add an extra layer of competition as you strive to be named among the world’s best managers.

The social aspect continues with the ability to join forces with friends in Associations or challenge them in friendly matches. This integration brings a community feel to the game and allows you to share your passion for football and management with other enthusiasts.

Tournaments that test your managerial mettle

Each tournament in Top Eleven offers a chance to showcase your management style and adaptability. Whether it’s facing the unpredictability of the Cup or striving for consistency in the League, each competition requires unique preparation and strategic thinking. Dynamically changing conditions and opponents ensure that no two tournaments feel the same.

Claiming silverware is not only gratifying but also beneficial for your club’s prestige and finances. Success in tournaments can bring in additional revenue, allowing for further investments into your squad and facilities—providing a satisfying loop of competition and club progression.

Customise and personalise your club with unique kits and emblems

Branding in Top Eleven is not just cosmetic; it’s a way to instil club identity and pride. With a wide array of customisable kits and emblems, you can design your team’s appearance to represent your managerial ethos. Whether it’s the colours of your local side or a creative design that speaks to your personality, the options are vast.

Beyond aesthetics, customisation also taps into merchandising. As players become attached to their club’s brand, they engage more deeply with the game, producing a richer and more personalised management experience.

Create a signature look for your club

With Top Eleven’s in-depth customisation tools, you can ensure that your club looks the part on the pitch. Kit design options range from colour changes to patterns, allowing for endless creativity. Your team’s look can evolve with your club, reflecting both your successes and your growing fanbase.

This visual identity extends to emblems, with an assortment of badges providing the foundational iconography of your club. Matching your team’s aesthetic to your strategy solidifies the bond between manager and club, making every victory that much sweeter.

Engage fans through your club’s unique identity

The customisation doesn’t stop at appearance; it’s also about engaging your digital fanbase in Top Eleven. As you climb the ranks and gain followers, your unique club ethos plays a role in attracting and retaining a loyal fanbase, parallel to the real world of football fandom.

Increased fan engagement leads to higher home match attendances, which in turn boosts match day revenue. A strong club identity keeps your managerial journey fresh and adjacent to the dynamic world of real-life football management.

Learn how to download Top Eleven for Android

Acquiring Top Eleven on your Android device could not be simpler. Navigate to the top of the PortalProgramas website where you’ll find the download link for Top Eleven. Clicking on this link initiates the download process, where you’ll be directed through straightforward steps to install the game on your device.

PortalProgramas provides a seamless download experience ensuring that you get into the management action quickly and safely. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and sufficient space on your device to enjoy everything Top Eleven has to offer without any hitches.

Identify the ideal audience for Top Eleven

Top Eleven is the perfect fit for football enthusiasts with a strategic mind. If you relish the idea of tinkering with formations, scouting for talent, and competing against like-minded individuals, this game offers a rich, managerial experience. Active gamers looking for a long-term commitment in which they can grow a club from scratch will also find themselves at home in Top Eleven.

The social aspect of the game is ideal for those who enjoy a community-driven environment. Whether it’s sharing triumphs with friends or engaging in friendly rivalries, the game provides ways to connect with football fans around the world.

Highlighting the Key Features

At the heart of Top Eleven is the depth of its football management gameplay. The meticulously crafted features allow managers to exercise their strategic acuity, from handling day-to-day operations to competing in high-stakes tournaments. The realism and complexity captivate players, challenging them to think like a football manager facing real-world scenarios.


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They need to change the system with the tokens

11 years ago

In auctions for players, though you do not win, you lose tokens. Each day you get a token, but if you want to catch a young player have to leave like 20 tokens. Upload your skills, the more tokens players; have better players, more tokens; minimally solve your stadium, more tokens and take up a lot of days to complete the "reform." In sum, or make things cost less tokens, or make easier way to get them, because if not, it's like playing with the team pretendieras your neighborhood in the same league as Barca.

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2 votes

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- It needs Internet connection

New version 24.24.2

- Get extra tokens by inviting other users of Facebook to join this game.

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