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Subsist the zombie apocalypse as possible you can. You will not regret!


The best adventure for fans of survival.
Battle and exploration.
Build your stash.
Multiplayer opcion. Online and local
The most real survival techniques.


The graphics are not the best you've ever seen.

Project Zomboid is a sandbox game (also called "open world")zombie survival. The challenge and difficulty of this title is so great that, as its developers say, the question is not whether you will die, but "how you will die."

Project Zomboid places us in a vast region with 2 cities, Muldraigh and West Point, where those who survive may do so only with the few resources they have at their disposal. Stealing houses, sheeting, lighten areas ... is a constant struggle that is what will keep you alive even just one more day.

Forget destroy millions of zombies with unconventional weapons and no manpower. Project Zomboid is a game that delivers great realism and few concessions to the players who are reckless. Although developed in the third person, you only have the chance to see what your character is seeing in addition that this vision will be poor    due to the shadows and light, but the shadows may also help you to hide.

As I said the map is huge and is continuously expanding, which will allow several options when choosing a place to make your shelter with the materials that you've been able to gather. And as always can not be having the stolen products, you have to cultivate subsistence farms.

Not only will you have to fight against zombies (a subject that is best avoided), but also you are going to have to overcome thirst,hunger,depression, disease,    and even boredom..

You will have a vast persistent world filled with zombies around that are constantly moving, occasional encounters with NPCs ... and also you can play in modemultiplayer maximum of 4 people, both locally and online as well as support for gamepad. It is true that the graphics are not the most suitable, but have to settle because they fulfill their mission well for all the daring who are interested in this game.

Definitely Project Zomboid is a good zombie game that will delight fans of this genre especially those seeking adventure survival!!

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5 years and 6 months ago

I have long been waiting for a game that is more realistic in this sense, and this seems to take very good way

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· CPU: Intel Core 4 2.77 GHz or higher.
· Memory: 2 GB RAM or higher.
· Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 compatible card.
· Free disk space: 1.23 GB.
· sound: OpenAL compatible.
- Steam


The Demo version is for get an idea of the game. Shows a work in progress and does not include news that have been added to Project Zomboid.


As the game is in progress ("Early Access") may be lost some features announced in the final version of the game.

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5 years and 4 months ago


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