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It is the best program to manage and send email marketing campaigns.

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It is a powerful tool for a complete management of email marketing campaigns because it sends a broad-based unlimited contacts and it is also possible to import from CSV lists Before performing the dispatch of mails.

With multi-functions can send multiple mails at once. The function that handles subscription cancellations of online users avoids ship to senders who have requested not to receive more campaigns. This is done because the function crosses the data with the database for not sending these emails.

Another interesting feature of the program is that it allows customization shipments in this way ensures that the receiver of the campaign have the feeling that this is a mail intended for him only since both the subject and body of email is personalized.

Never will appear blocking issues of a domain by sending many mails because can be configure as many SMTP accounts as you wish, the same way as the program is responsible for checking the spam score to which it may be subjected.

Due to its HTML designer is not necessary import templates because can be created newsletters for different interests. Has also other interesting options like verifying email address, send attachments or even insert into the emails the tracking code for Google Analytics, the analysis of messages before to send its to prevent that the communications end in the spam folder, you can see the results instantly and in the same application. Also includes a wizard to create DKIM certificate that allows signing emails, etc..

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11 years ago

This program is excellent, now sending my mailing lists is a breeze. I recommend it.

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11 years ago

Very good, I recommend it to anyone with a need to send newsletters.

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Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.


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Version 4.2.4
- They have improved filters and verification of e-mail addresses.
- You can sort by any column.
- Allows copy and paste the results.
- It's possible to export the results to Excel.
- Has the option to paste from Outlook documents in HTML format.
- Fantastic HTML designer.
- Suitable for Amazon SES.
- They have fixed some bugs from previous versions and improved the current.

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