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Optimize the images without reducing the quality of the original one. With this program, it is easy.

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It processes all the images that you want thanks to the processing by batches.
It is incredible the ratio of compression that it offers.
It does not require to modify the original resolution.
Compression up to almost 95%.
There is any restriction in the size of the files.

The digital pictures and images of high quality are quite hard to store. Send the pictures by email or upload them in website needs a lot of time when the sizes of the files are really big.

Hakros Images Optimizer is an optimizer of images that is capable to reduce the size of your pictures in almost a 95% but without changing he original resolution.

Unlike other similar programs, Hakros Images Optimizer allows users to keep the original resolution of the images without having to scarify the size of the original picture to reduce its weight.

Even that, obviously, it is also possible to reduce the size and, thus, reduce even more the weight of the images with which we are working. The process if very fast and simple thanks to the option to process images by batches; there is no limit of files nor on the size of the images.    Simply, you have to add your images that
you want to optimize and press the button optimize in the interface of the program and Hakros Images Optimizer will do all the process really fast and will offer you the resulting files so you can use them or save them as you want.

This program also allows users to configure the options of the optimizing process as well as the saving options and the way in which is the process is done, between automatic optimization or manual.

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- It needs to have installed Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.


In the free version, we can only add a determined number of files to the sight.

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