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Now, you can measure the frequency of your heart with your Android device. Be healthier.


It has different user profiles.
It is simple to use.
It works with principles that can be verified.


Its efficiency is not granted to 100%
It does not substitute the control by doctors.

Have you ever felt the necessity to measure your heart frequency and you have not known how to do it well? Now, you can use your device for that too.

Cardiograph is an app for Android that measures your heart frequency, even it is hard to believe. You only have to put your finger in the front camera so the app can measure your frequency.

And, you will ask yourself: How is it possible? Well, the Cardiograph measures the changes in the color of your skin and in the veins to be able to detect all of your heartbeats. Because of that, it is important for it to be used in a really well illuminated room or use it with the Flash on.

Thanks to this measures, we can create a register to measure the different frequencies that we have, for example, every time that we make exercise, etc. Also, if several people use the app, we will be able to create a different profile for each of them.

Even that Cardiograph works with real principles, it is not yet enough to substitute the control for a doctor, especially in people who need especial attention in the care of their hearts. But if it is not the case, Cardiograph will be of the most useful for you.

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Funny, is a matter of trying it but seems to work

helpful? Thanks
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