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Dive into the world of Vikings: War of Clans, an immersive MMO strategy game where you lead Viking warriors, manage resources, and conquer territories

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Engaging MMO gameplay.
Detailed graphics and immersive storyline.
Diverse achievements and milestones.
Active player community and alliances.
Regular updates and events.


Requires a constant internet connection.
In-app purchases can be pricey.
Steep learning curve for beginners.
Some features might feel pay-to-win.

Vikings: War of Clans is a captivating MMO strategy game that plunges players into the ruthless world of the Vikings. With its detailed graphics, intricate gameplay mechanics, and a vast array of features, it offers a comprehensive gaming experience in a civilization game. From achieving milestones to customizing your town’s appearance, this guide will delve deep into the game’s functionalities.

Introduction to Vikings: War of Clans

Developed by Plarium, Vikings: War of Clans transports players to a world where they must harness their strategic skills to lead Viking warriors, manage resources, and conquer territories. The medieval game’s immersive storyline and dynamic gameplay have garnered a massive following worldwide.

Playing on a PC offers enhanced graphics and smoother gameplay, making the experience even more engaging. With the right setup, players can enjoy the game’s intricate details and vast landscapes on a larger screen.

What is Vikings: War of Clans?

  • MMO Strategy Game: It’s a massively multiplayer online game where players interact in a shared virtual world, forming alliances and battling foes.
  • Resource Management: Players must gather and manage resources like food, lumber, and iron to sustain their town and army.
  • Warfare: Engage in epic battles, utilizing various troop types and strategies to overpower enemies.
  • Alliances: Form or join clans to collaborate with other players, enhancing strength and influence in the game.

How to play Vikings: War of Clans on PC?

  • Emulators: Use tools like BlueStacks or Nox Player to emulate the mobile game on a PC.
  • Official Platforms: Some platforms might offer a direct PC version for enhanced gameplay.
  • Controls: Familiarize yourself with keyboard and mouse controls for efficient gameplay.
  • Graphics Settings: Adjust settings for optimal performance and visuals on your PC setup.

Achievements in Vikings: War of Clans

Achievements in Vikings: War of Clans serve as milestones, marking players’ progress and accomplishments. These achievements range from simple tasks to complex challenges, offering rewards and recognition.

While some achievements are straightforward, others remain shrouded in mystery, enticing players to explore deeper aspects of the game. Among these are the Olympian and Sisyphus achievements, which have garnered significant attention among the player community.

Overview of Achievements

  • Task-Based: Complete specific in-game tasks or missions to earn these achievements.
  • Progress-Based: Achieved by reaching certain milestones in the game, like leveling up or expanding territories.
  • Combat Achievements: Earned by winning battles, conquering enemy towns, or defending against attacks.
  • Collaborative Achievements: Achievements that require teamwork, often involving clan activities.

Secret Achievements Unveiled

  • Hidden Tasks: Not explicitly mentioned, players must discover the requirements themselves.
  • Rare Rewards: Often offer unique rewards not available through regular gameplay.
  • Community Collaboration: Players often collaborate in forums and communities to uncover these secrets.
  • Game Updates: New secret achievements might be introduced in game updates, keeping the gameplay fresh.

Spotlight on the Olympian Achievement

The Olympian Achievement is one of the game’s most coveted milestones. While the exact details remain part of the game’s allure, it’s believed to be linked to significant in-game accomplishments and mastery of various game mechanics.

The Mystery of Sisyphus in Vikings: War of Clans

Derived from Greek mythology, the Sisyphus Achievement is shrouded in mystery. Players speculate its connection to repetitive tasks or overcoming significant challenges, mirroring Sisyphus’s eternal task of pushing a boulder uphill.

Enhancing Your Game Experience

While the core gameplay is captivating, Vikings: War of Clans offers various features to enhance the player experience. From aesthetic customizations to strategic expansions, these features add depth to the game.

Changing town skins and understanding the role of the Pioneer are two such features that significantly impact gameplay, offering both strategic advantages and aesthetic appeal.

Changing Town Skins for Strategy and Aesthetics

  • Visual Appeal: Customize the look of your town to reflect your style.
  • Strategic Advantage: Some skins offer in-game benefits, like increased resource production or troop strength.
  • Event-Based Skins: Special skins might be available during in-game events or festivals.
  • Premium Skins: Exclusive skins available through in-game purchases or special achievements.

The Pioneer’s Role in Expanding Territories

The Pioneer plays a crucial role in territorial expansion. As players progress, expanding territories becomes vital for accessing resources and strategic positions.

Downloading and Installation

Getting started with Vikings: War of Clans is straightforward. Whether you’re playing on mobile or PC, the game’s developers have ensured a smooth download and installation process.

For those new to the game or looking to transition to a different platform, the following sections provide a step-by-step guide to get you started.

How to Download Vikings: War of Clans

Platform Download Source
Mobile (iOS) Apple App Store
Mobile (Android) Google Play Store
PC Official game website or through emulators

Installation Tips for a Smooth Gaming Experience

  • System Requirements: Ensure your device meets the game’s minimum requirements for optimal performance.
  • Stable Internet: A stable connection is essential for downloading and playing this MMO.
  • Storage Space: Ensure sufficient storage space for the game and future updates.
  • Regular Updates: Keep the game updated for new features and optimal performance.

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  • Can I play the game offline?

  • How do I change my town's appearance?

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missing achievements

8 years ago

I think they would have to give many more achievements to advance more easily. They note who want to force purchases are made in the app.

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very high prices

8 years ago

The prices included in app purchases are too high for this kind of games. I think it's a mistake and lose users.

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Good game

8 years ago

It's a fun game but go carefully with updates to I erased all my accomplishments and I had to start again.

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Fun strategy game

8 years ago

To achieve better progress two factors you must take into account, is another strategy and alliances are.

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Easy to play

8 years ago

It's fun and very easy to understand the game and enter the dynamic, plus the graphics are good.

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New version

- A new kind of Competition added, the Global Battle of the Kingdoms.
– New places of prizes for the winning Kingdoms of the Global Competition.
– The Help to the Clan members window has been upgraded.
– The Support to the Feast Room tab has been added, with a scale of capacity.

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