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Catalogue all your collection of TV series so you can find them easily and enjoy them whenever you want to.


It classifies all the TV series that you want.
It allows users to create complete profiles for each of the actors that appear in the series.
It downloads multimedia content in high quality.

Hakros TV Show Organizer is the easiest and the most efficient cataloguer of TV series.

With its intuitive interface, the program allows you to download easily all the posters and images of any TV series that you like, create profiles for each of the characters and actors, and get the multimedia content of the highest quality of your collection.

Unlike the other cataloguers in which you have to add a title to create the tab and then fill in manually all the information of it, Hakros TV Show Organizer offers you the possibility to get all the information not only in an automatic way, but the program will also download a huge amount of multimedia content (posters, banners, wallpapers, fan art, etc..) together with the images of all the actors and actresses that appear in the series.

You will be able to create a complete library of your collection of TV series that you have or simply of all the series that you most like.

Also, in case you have one of the series in digital format (divx files), you will be able to add them in the profiles of the series and, thus, being able to load them with a single click.

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- It needs to have installed Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher in the PC.


- It only allows to add 6 different TV series.

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