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TagScanner is a program designed for all those working with files in MP3 format and are looking for a tool with which to change their names in a very easy and simple.

This program will allow us to change all the name to all the files that we have in MP3 in our computer. This program can be fully customized for all those people who want to change its configuration and make it even more useful according to their needs.

It is a program that we have to install in our computer in a simple way as we will just simple need to download the installation folder and follow all the steps that the installer assistant is going to show in our screen. It is not a program that needs a lot of space, which means that we will be able to have it installed in al computer we want without problems.    

This program does not need any help from any other program to change the names of the files, which means that it is of the most complete and it does not need any kind of complements.

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10 years and 8 months ago

It is a good program but confusing, does not handle windows as we used most users, but their on-line despite being slow searches are very effective, the downside I've seen the latest version is that when launching a search not has a stop button or the like, it seems incredible but true !! I personally I had to stop the fateful Esc !! It is in short, useful, impractical and rare in its management.

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Extensive information from my mp3

13 years and 4 months ago

It allows me to get more info from mp3 files sometimes contain sufficient information about the artist, album, year, etc..

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