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All in one, this game combines strategy, action and shooter action

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Original and complete game mode.
An interesting mix of genres.
An active community with tournaments.
If the players are coordinated the experience is unbeatable..


If the players lack coordination between them it easily becomes chaotic.
Graphics are somewhat modest.

Savage XR is an original game combining strategy, shooter and action under only one name. It is the successor of the 2003 game 'Savage: Battle for Newerth', and it offers an original mechanism for team playiing.

As commander of your team, you will have to manage your finances and resources while you construct a secure and efficient base, create units, weapons or items based on the 4 tehnological branches, plan your assaults and direct 53 human players into battles.

The action in third person comes if you are one of the 63 soldiers, as the camera switches to show you in a sort of game and shooter action. The 1 vs 1 combat (humans against beasts) is resolved thanks to the skills of the players themselves, who may attack, block and dodge according to the side they belong to. You can use body to body combat against other players, or against the IA.

Savage XR introduces 2 different races with different battle mechanisms and different paths to victory: on one hand, the Horde of Beasts use higher speed and mobility to gain control of the map. They destroy the enemy with gigantic behemoths, magic weapons and fast body to body combat. On the other hand, The legion of Man has better defensive structures and their specialty lies in the weapons wwithin reach and the artillery.

As well as commander (strategy), body to body (combat) and at distance (shooter), you will have to destroy the enemy base, and make your group the winners.

Without doubt an explosive mix and very entertaining for multiplayer game play, even though the graphics are not the greatest for current times.

This game is from the creators of Heroes of Newerth.

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I like the idea, I'll try

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