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Program with which we can edit all our logos and images in 3D.

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Pixel 3D allows you to create graphics in 3D in high quality for websites or for works with images. This powerful program includes a lot of functions with which you can improve the quality of the resulting images.

Without having huge knowledge of design, with this graphic editor, you will be able to create labels of text in 3D with really good results thanks to the easiness of usage and to its intuitive interface. The tool bar and the general aspect is very similar to the one in Photoshop. If you are already a user of Adobe products, adapt to this program will be a task for children.

3D Magic is divided into two basic tools: 3D Magic´s Logo Wizard and 3D Magic´s Custom Phong Renderer. The first tool is the one with which we will be able to create double text in 3D and create different lines in just a single step. The second tool is the one that is in charge of creating graphics combining color lights, several modes of rendered and a high level of anti-aliasing.

Here, we detail some of the main features of Pixel 3D:
  • It builds logos in 3D really fast and in a simple way with the Assistant.
  • It chooses between more than 80 different colors of textures for your logo. You can drag and drop textures directly in any object in 3D.
  • It converts Postscript, .EPS files and fonts to 3D
  • It modifies the lights, color and intensity to create environments.
  • Several formats: load, view and save in more than 20 different formats of 3D.
  • It loads multiple objects and scenes.
  • Selects and manage different objects at the same time.
  • Use the 3D Magic's auto-tracing to vectored images in 3D logos.

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The simplest I've ever had

12 years and 6 months ago

I think the program is easier to use I have tried 3D design, and although a basic shooting, not the least powerful program I have ever seen. With it you do designs very quickly and very easily. Do not expect spectacular results, of course, but it is no disappointment. Very simple and fast tool for simple designs.

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9 years and 4 months ago

It is very funny besides being very easy to use. RECOMIENDO¡¡ IT !! if you want to have fun

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Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.


- It is not compatible with versions of 64 bits from Windows.

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