PortalProgramas protects you

Periodical antivirus scans

For you to download with the highest security

Only verified software

So you download always the best software

How do we work to offer you safe and verified software?

  • Quality checkup

    Our software experts team tests all the software before publishing it

  • Antivirus scan

    All our software are daily scanned by antivirus to verify they're safe.

  • You download relaxed and safe

    Thanks to all of our team's work, you can download easy, fast and for free. Seamlessly and virus-free.

73,434,604 secure downloads made from PortalProgramas

How can you see the scans?

How do we protect you?

  • Safe and reliable software
  • We don't show software containing spyware, annoying ads or harmful codes to your computer.

    We warn you of the software including functions which, misused, may harm your computer.

  • Regular antivirus checkups
  • All the software is periodically analyzed by antivirus.

    We remove any software suspected of performing tasks without your consent.

  • Developer's identity checkup
  • We make sure that the developer's website and the downloading website are not dangerous.

Which advantages do we offer?

  • We only publish quality software

    • Our experts analyze the softwares to offer you only those software which can be useful and won't harm your computer neither install unwanted software.
  • We periodically analyze the software with antivirus

    • You can see the date of the last analysis on every software
  • We inform you of the analysis results

    • If it's safe, we express it so
    • If it's dangerous, we warn you
    • If it has any virus, we remove it so you can't download it


Of what exactly does PortalProgramas protect me?

I protect you from virus, spyware, annoying advertising and, generally, from any code that might harm your computer.

What are the advantages of this protection for me?

Browsing the Internet may be dangerous because you never know when a software is hidding virus, spyware, annoying ads... From PortalProgramas you can download relaxed, since we work for all the software we offer to be safe and quality .

All the PortalPragramas software are safe?

Yes. Moreover, we warn you when a software, though not containing virus, has functionalities that, misused, might harm your computer.

What if my antivirus detects it as a virus?

Antivirus aren't always right. Sometimes they may detect safe softwares as harmful, what is called 'false positive'. Our analysis includes a scanner with 20 of the best antivirus for the software suspected of being harmful. Thus, our final analysis is quite reliable and probably you found a false positive.

How can I be well-protected

We recommend you to download always from PortalProgramas, since we only have safe softwares, and also to install a good antivirus. Furthermore, prevention is really important: beware of the web pages you visit and the content you download.

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