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If you have found that on more than one occasion that you couldn't download apps because you didn't have a specfic model or brand of mobile, now you will be able to enjoy all of the apps that you want to without problems. We present you with the app which will make all of this possible: Market Helper.

Market Helper ia an APK file that you should download from the web of reference that we give you and remember that you must have the mobile with root so that this will work. Once you have the app installed on your mobile, you will see that you will be able to turn your telephone into any other device to trick the apps and, you will be able to download them. For example, if you have an app you like but it is only for the Nexus 7 and you have a Samsung, with Market Helper you will be able to make the app see your Samsung as the Nexus and, finally, it will let you do the download.

The good thing that Market Helper has is that it is quite secure and you do not need to make more roots for the device changes, therefore once you have the initial root done, you will see that it is very easy to use this app.

If you want all of the applications that you like without restrictions by brands or through incompatability, Market Helper is the app that you have been waiting for.

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Very easy to use
It makes your apps see your mobile as any device on the market

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grim cadet

grim cadet



Very good.

2 years and 11 months ago

It is the best. Very well done, simple to use and great results.

helpful? Thanks, grim cadet

2 votes

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- Needs root

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