iTunesFusion (iTunes Sync)

iTunesFusion (iTunes Sync)


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Now, use iTunes for any type of portable audio player you have.

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Because iTunesFusion (iTunes Sync) is an exclusive Apple application, you will see how you can use in on devices that are not the same brand. You will be able to take advantage of this great program from Apple, using it as an MP3 player on your devices.

With iTunesFusion (iTunes Sync) you will be able to do a perfect synchronization with your MP3 player with the application from Apple. It is not necessary for the brand to be Apple or another American brand. All the libraries will be completely synchronized on the device.    

To do this, the operation is really simple. You just have to download the program and open it. Once you have opened it, you just have to select the playlist you want and assign a name for the device you want synchronized with iTunes, and it will download the list for you.

When you select the synchronization function, it will immediately download without causing problems with your MP3 list. This function can be repeated on as many devices as you want and you will be able to pass any of your iTunes playlists to any device.

Download this application now, and enjoy iTunesFusion (iTunes Sync) on your player.


- .NET Framework

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