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The perfect tool to add music from your hard disk to your iTunes libraries.

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iTunes Folder Watch is an excellent music management tool, which, allows you to automatically transfer all audio files on a hard drive to the internal multimedia libraries of iTunes.

Characteristics and principle functions of iTunes Folder Watch

  • Includes 2 distinct music transfer modes, which one allows you to add music manually selecting the songs you want and the ones you do not want in your library, and on the other side, you can allow the application to automatically transfer music using the file system.
  • Allows you to order and classify the songs you transfer, which you can choose the directories to search to find to files.
  • Consumes few resources, which you can have it running in the background on the system try, and open it on the screen when a transfer has been completed.

If you want to be able to easily transfer your music to your iTunes player in an easy and automatic way, you do not have to search any more, download    iTunes Folder Watch now.


- Microsoft .NET Framework

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