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The perfect app to know where your friends are at any time.

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If you usually have problems to find your friends when you go out with them ar if you want to know where they are at a specific time, now you have Glympse: Share your location, the app that will allow you to easily find each other.

Glympse: Share your location is a simple to use and secure app thanks to which you can share your location in real time and only with the people that you want to. This app is very easy to use and it is also quite safe as it is coded, which means that only your friends and contacts will be able to see where you are. Moreover, in order to make it more secure, the sessions of the app Glympse: Share your location are automatically closed after a certain time of inactivity, so that you will not share your location if you have forgotten to close it afeter using it.

Glympse: Share your location is an intuitive and simple to use app, in which you just have to add the contacts with whom you want to share your location and, that's it.

Glympse: Share your location is a great app to always know where your freinds are.

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Is very good.

9 years ago

It is most useful.

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