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Strategy and shoot'em up in a game of shooting that has been set in an apocalypses setting.

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It uses the GPS to place the action the closest to where you are
Strategy and action shoot'em up
There are a lot of possibilities to improve your soldiers and arms
It is simple to manage
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Achieving improvements with no real money can be complicated and slow

An unknown virus attacks the Earth and it convert all its inhabitants in rabid zombies. An elite troop and a strategy of global contention are the only options that are available to the world to survive. Si start endless movies and games like this one and this is the same argument that you are going to find in Global Outbreak.

Global Outbreak is a really interesting game for several reasons. On one side, it is a shoot'em up in which you have to lead the team of mercenaries through the streets of a devastated world, in ruins and with terrific dangers behind every corner. On the other side, it is a strategy game in real time in which you have to think a lot to discover which is the only way to survive and avoid the virus extending all over the world.

It is, thus, a game with two different modes in which you will have to choose which the moment for each of them is. The global view shows you a 3D map of the Earth in which you will have to act as in one of the best games of war strategy to stop the progress of the dangerous virus. You will have to put defensive turrets in strategic areas, send helicopters to recognize the area and tanks in the places that need a good cleaning.

When things cannot be solved from the command place, you will have to resource to the mercenary team that have offered themselves to help in this so dangerous mission. In this occasion with a superior view, you will command a small group of super soldiers that will be in charge to free the streets of the zombie threat. As long as you keep achieving missions and rewards in them, you will also be able to improve your soldiers and their arms with lots of possibilities.

Besides its combination of global strategy and action shoot'em up, what makes Global Outbreak really innovative is that it uses your geolocalization through the GPS to place the action the closest to you as possible.

If you want to try a different game in which you will have to use both your brain and your arms,    download free Global Outbreak in your smartphone or tablet Android.

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Not bored

11 years ago

I really like that you do not get tired of playing, always going from one place to another, sometimes in the global map, sometimes you shooting on the street, I think it's very entertaining

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New version 1.3.2

- It incorporates 2 new arms: a Plasma Rifle and an Uber Pistol.
- It has some improvements in the performance.

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