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4º of 16 in Grand Theft Auto

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Enjoy all the action of GTA but now in the city of Rio; more corruption in this saga.

Gangstar Rio is a new release of the famous game Grand Theft Auto. In this case, the action of the game takes place in the streets of Rio, in which you will have to drive as always at crazy speeds and get to finish with all the missions to be the boss of the streets of this city.    

Gangstar Rio offers you 60 different missions of different difficulty, which you will have to overcome if you want win space in the city and money to get the best cars and end by dominating the streets. The sceneries that you will find are 5 different neighbors, so you will not have the feeling of being always in the same place. As it is common in the games of GTA, the graphics and the soundtrack with which it has been designed are of the best ones and will make you feel like if you were really inside the game.

If you are a fan of driving cars in a crazy manner and has tried or would like to try the releases of Grand Theft Auto, this is your game.

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New delivery just as interesting.

9 años and 3 meses ago

I really love this game and still since the first versions were started and this release is spectacular.

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1 votes

Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.


- To control the cars is not that easy.

New version 1.1.6e

- It has a good variety in the arms.
- It has really good graphics and effects.

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