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Download Accelerator Plus, one of the most popular managers for your downloads; now, available for your Windows.

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Do you have problems with managing your downloads? Now, you can make them faster with Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), a really well-known and powerful manager for downloads with more than 200 millions of users, according to its developers.

DAP offers you the highest speed in the download as it makes multiple connections to download your files. Its main feature is that it can stop the download and when the file is available, it will continue in the same place where it stopped before. Also, it searches in several different servers and it chooses the one with better and higher speed. It also includes tools to manage all the files and comprehensive privacy.    

DAP has been updated and now it is available in 38 different languages and it has support for Unicode languages. Additionally, the functions of DAP include styles of Firefox and Internet Explorer and a new and unique security function Multi Antivirus. It also supports a lot of browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Netscape, Safari and Flock.

Lastly, it is worth saying that DAP also integrates the social networks. You will be in contact with other users thanks to a tool that allows users to leave messages in Twitter from the main screen of the program.

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Download without stressing!

12 years and 5 months ago

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is: Why not discover it before? The downloads are much more enjoyable than before. My Internet connection is no longer very good in itself, so before when fallava a file (and often failed) had to re-start the download. In two words: it was hopeless. Its strong point is that you can pause the download and if a file fails, then continue downloading from where it left off.

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The one who does not use Dap loses

6 years and 12 months ago

Hello good use Dap since I know this program more than 15 years ago and I have tried all sorts of programs to download and save the ones that download and then another function to download videos is the maximum the user who does not use Dap is the loser

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Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.

New version

- It will give users all the information of the file they want to download before downloading it.
- It allows downloads with just a single click from different servers.
- Users can download videos from everywhere in Flash format and it converts the files at the same time of downloading to the format that users choose.

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