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An easy to use programme for when you need to compress and decompress files on your PC.

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Easy to use and well designed
Quick processes

Bandizip is a new programme which is ideal for those who usually have to compress and decompress files so they can work with them, send them to others, etc. With Bandizip, we will see that we have one of the most comprehensove tools with some of the fastest processes.

Using Bandizip is very easy, as all we have to do is to download the programme on to the computer and perform all of the steps requested by the assistant to see that the download is successful. Once we have done this, we can access it and mark the files we wish to compress or decompress. .

Bandizip operates very quickly and it is one of the best for those seeking easy to use and very efficient programmes. Furthermore, both the design and the interface of this programme are very good, therefore making it very easy to work with in a simple and comfortable manner.

Without any doubt, if you like comprehensive programmes that offer more features to your computer which you can work with easily, Bandizip is one of the best you can have at the moment.

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Stress very well.

8 years and 11 months ago

It's a great program. Very useful.

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