Autodesk 123D Catch

Autodesk 123D Catch
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With your normal images you can get 3D image

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Have you ever imagine your face in 3D? Have you never seen Romans busts and you    have wondered how would be your face on a statue?

Now with Autodesk123D it is possible! This program allows you make an image of your face in 3D like a bust. To get this effect the program needs images of all views of an object or person.

Do not be afraid! It is not a difficult task or anything; you only have to take pictures in different angles with your photograph camera. For example, if the photo is of a person, you need take 4 photographs minimum: one behind, one of each side and one in front of the person.

When you have finished the pictures, you must put them in the program and this will analyses them in order to make a 3D image of the person or the object you want to have.

Furthermore, the programm offers you some printed options. You can print them with the same images that appear in your screen, print them in different papers to make 3D effect and you can see it from all perspectives or you can record an images in a video to move it or you can see the image in its totally.

Are you a dedicated fan of 3D technology and you want to have the possibility to make your own creation in 3D?

This program helps you to convert your normal pictures in 3D images. So, you can choose 3 pictures minimum and the program, automatically, convert them in only one 3D image. When you have it, you can edit the image with all possibilities the program offers you.

With this intuitive application it will be easy transform your pictures in three-dimensional models. You can give life your personal pictures making them more real.

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airmen worthy226

airmen worthy226



3 years and 6 months ago

Install it several times but I work, I also made an account but I still know that I can not run the program. If anyone can help I would appreciate it very much.

helpful? Thanks, airmen worthy226

2 votes

Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.





It is very important and easy to use

4 years and 12 months ago

It is very interesting for architecture and design

The worst: I no cost, that is the most important

helpful? Thanks, starstamba945
Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.

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124 downloads (last 7 days)


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