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Now, you can have a complete list with all your extentions and pluging and you will be able to delete the tool bars easily.

Detailed Analysis

Do you have extentions and plugging in many different browsers and you do not know which has what? Has any tool bar being installed in yiur computer and you can delete it? For both questions, you have now the best solution:Auslogics Browser Care.

Thanks to this program, we will be able to see a list of all the extentions and plugings that we have in opur browsers. With this, we will be able to leave the one we want and the delete the others easily. In this sense, Auslogics Browser Care also tells you which is the browser thatyou have as defaul and its searcher as default. It is really simple to use and you will be able to knwo in which browser you have each extention.
You will also be able from here to choose the default navigator that we want and its search engine as default .

This app is also really useful for when we want to delete an etention that we have in different browsers or to have an overview of all the extentions we have in each of them. It can help when we have deleted some user profile or when we have formatted and we want to recover our plugingns and extentions.

Another important option that we have with Auslogics Browser Care is the one by which we can delete the cache, temporary files and so on, from all the browsers that we have, so we do not have to do it one by one.

It is a field with a lot of competitiond and a lot of complements, that is easy to have more than just one browser and it is also really easy that when navigating, we have a lot of trash programs and non desired files. With Auselogics Browser Care, at least you will have a great help.

Ventajas de usar este software

It is one of the easies way in which we can delete all that we do not want in our broswer.
It is able to delete completely the cache as well as all the temporary files in all of the browsers that we use.
It allows you to see all the extentions that we have as well as the plugins.
There is notthing to highlight here

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4 years and 9 months ago

very good, so I can remove the bars well and put good advertising on search

helpful? Thanks, housedj
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Right now, this app works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

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