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Do you want to have faster downloads? Accelerate them all with this program and Ares.

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With this simple app you can accelerate the speed of transfer of data for the files that we are downloading in Ares.

The program for exchanging files through P2P, Ares, offers us the possibility to enjoy now of a great number of files to be able to download them in our computers. What this app is looking for is that all the files that we are downloading in Ares increase their download speed so we can have them faster.

Its functioning is very simple as when it comes to get integrated in Ares is of the most simple, as it only has two buttons: one for the acceleration of the speed and the other to upload the file directly t the list of download in Ares.

It has some other characteristics like the suppression of the download list the files that we have already downloaded or that have an error or are corrupted, as well to restart the download of files that we have paused and it even improved the search of files in the sources to which we are connected.

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Do you download ares galaxy turbo booster

10 years and 3 months ago

I downloaded it and it does not work ask a technician and he tells me that the program needs a patch; a second program to enable it. And to date I still do not download nothing

The best: Serves not need a second program or patch also habiliatrlo design is horrible.

The worst: no instructions.

helpful? Thanks
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10 years and 3 months ago

Hey, and why not directly using the original Ares, you can download Greetings.

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Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.


- You need to have installed Ares in the computer.


- It comes up a windows that users need to keep on closing.

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When you download Ares, you will be able to have milions of files available for you and to share them with other people.

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