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A different take on the classic game of disappearing shapes.

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Arcade Blocks is a game in which users will have to match as many pieces as possible so that the disappear as they complete the walls. It is similar in appearance to the classic Tetris game with a main difference being that is offers many more pieces. You are not limited by rectangle or square forms, but in Arcade Blocks includes other shapes that are triangle or other fun angles. You have many more shapes to use in this game, which will also give you more of a challenge.

This game offers, moreover, the user the possibility to choose the level of difficulty that they want to confront and can advance as they gain experience. Also has various different alternative styles of games, which are a simple version, pentix, classic Tetris, sixtix, and triangular. Every one of these different styles have various different levels of difficulty, which make it perfect for use by children or people with very little experience and others that are much more advanced when it comes to playing these types of games.


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