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The hangman game you have always know with a musical twist.

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With this app you win options like sharing screenshots and the game is quicker.
Play against anyone using a browser, which aork2 also is compatible on the web. Try it now at


You have to be connected to the Internet, which the songs are played streaming.

Aork2 is the classic game of hangman but where you will be playing with song title.    

You will have various ways to play aork2:

- Individual mode: More than 140 songs are prepared to play and they will be more added with every update, from all the rock classics to pop, and all the hits.

- Styles mode: 12 styles of music like Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues and R&B, etc... 10 songs from every category will be changed weekly.

- Artist mode: search for an artist and play with a list of 10 different songs.

- Challenge mode: good for single songs or one hit wonders, challenge your friends in WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, etc... And, do not worry if your friend does not have the app, they can click on the challenge link to open it in the browser of their phone.

For challenging you will have a database of more than 35 million songs for all the styles and eras, from classic music, hard rock, step dancing to flamenco, tecno, pop, HipHop, reggae, blues, and an infinite amount of styles available for all sorts of tastes.

Demonstrate to all your friends that you can beat any challenge with a screenshot of the results of challenges, it is as easy as pressing the share button and selecting the medium you want to use to share. And on top of it all, you will get extra points for this.


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