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Rebel birds against imperial Pigs, who do you think will the Galaxy War?

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Really well set as in the classic of George Luchas
New skills and enhancers
You can level up and improve the birds
Animations with a sense of humor
Unlock hidden levels


Besides the settings and the powers of the birds, there aren't important changes in the way in which the game is played

HD Angry Birds Star Wars is the proposal of its popular Rovio game Angry Birds set in the first trilogy of epic sci-fi adventure. You will be able to play with the avian versions of the characters of Star Wars, like Luke, Obi Wan, Han Solo, C3PO, R2D2, Cheewaka, Leia and, from the last update on, also with Lando Calrissian, who has joined the rebels after selling his old friend, Solo, to the evil character Lord Vader, the terrifying leader of the pigs army.

This new release of Angry Birds keeps the same way of playing that has been so successful, also with the orbital and gravitational disturbances that we already knew in Angry Birds Space, but it also places all the action on the sceneries of the Star Wars: Tattoine, Hoth planet, The City of the Clouds of Calrissian and    Dying Star. The pigs are also changed according to the enemies of each planet: storm troopers, Sandpeople, imperial fleet staff, and so on.

Moreover, the abilities and skills of these birds which are never in a good humor have also been completely renewed. Luke is wearing a laser sable with which you will also be able to bounce the shots; Han Solo has his classic blaster pistol; Obi Wan, who is sable to make a turret fall with usage of the strength; and, Cheewaka, who is simply so heavy that he can cause the maximum destruction with only falling on the enemy's positions.

You can keep on moving up the birds in levels and improve their skills, besides unblocking power-ups, so to be able to ruin all that you find at your path. If you are trapped in a level, you can use your stars (or real money) to ask for help to the almighty Millennium Falcon. Angry Birds Star Wars, now includes 40 new levels all of them set in the Dagobah Planet, where the Jedi Master Yoda, will turn in the birdy version, Luke Skywalker in an authentic ancient warrior of this order and, if you get three stars on each level, you will be able to unlock the ultimate laser saber.

Discover all the achievements, objectives and all the unseen levels to unblock, as the challenges featured by C3PO y R2D2. This is a perfect combination between the game with more success in the last years and the more well-known movie for more than 30. If you are ready to face a battle to death for the liberation of the Galaxy, join the bird army, end with the pig empire and, always bear in mind, that the strength accompanies you.

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Not much difference with the free

11 years ago

The only difference is that there is no publication on this, but the free levels are the same. Other than that, a great game, it is clear

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- Internet connection

New version 1.5.3

- New Bird:Lando Calrissian
- New levels in the City of Clouds
- New enhancers

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This software is not available

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