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Now, you will have a complete walkie-talkie in your PC. Enjoy talking to people without spending money.

Detailed Analysis

Zello is an app with which you will be able to transform your computer in a walkie-talkie to be able to talk to anyone you like. Unlike the other similar programs of messaging, this is really light and is very simple to use and fast. But the best of all is that it is completely free.

Are you fed up of the videocalls that are slown and full of lag? The conversations with Zello are as fast and direct as if we where face to face with the other person. Zello has a similar interface to the ones of the classic walkie, cwith a big button in it.    When pressing it, or F7, we will be able to talk and the other person will listen at us. Without complicated configurations.

A sound will also advice us of the beginning and the end of the recording, just as if it was a true walkie-talkie. Zello is not only useful to communications to 1 to 1, but also will allow us to have channels with supoprt for conversations with up to 100 people from all over the world.

You can also record the conversations is Zello to remember thema and listen to them when you want- Every message will be saved or deleted according to your criteria. It is like a simple messaging program but giving ptiority to the voice messages.
Zell it is also available for mobile devices.

This software to communicate inside the video games is a really important utility as when we are playing online, we need a fluid communication with the other players so we can make good strategies. If we do not have the possibility to communicate with the rest of the players, the results of our games are not going to be really good.

The users will be able to install it easily in their computer and start chatting with the players that are taking place in the game. The way to make the communication is through the chat rooms where the users will have to include their ID and they will have the options to talk to the rest of the players and read the comments that are made. With this tool, they can have a contact in Internet with up to 30 different users.

Even, it has security measures so the users feel that they can communicate without having problems with privacy or intrusion in the chat.

If you are a player of games online, this is one of the programs that you need to have in your computer.

Ventajas de usar este software

Light and fast.
You can save the history of the voice messages.
Channels can be created.
It has excellent quality of sound.
It has less functions than a complete messaging program.

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luchar es intentar

luchar es intentar



Very good for full information

4 years and 10 months ago

Very good, informative channel for all

The best: The information is good for all

The worst: Foul organization

helpful? Thanks, (oculto)
Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.





5 years ago

very good, I like it because it is faster and simpler than skype and the like.

helpful? Thanks, (oculto)
Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.


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