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Now, you have all the routers close to you at your disposal. Scan WiFi nets and check their security.

WLANAudit is an application that lets you access all the routers you have near you. This application has been created to check the security of networks and not to hack accounts, so you should use it in the best way. Creators are will answer for you if you make a bad use of it.

With this application there will be no router abel to resist you because this application is designed to find the security key from them. This application works with information from the router. You must enter all the information you have at hand of the router you want to acces and then the app will try to get into the security of it to get the password to it. Although it is one of the best apps, there are some passwords that are not easy for the app and then, some you cannot have access to them. BY using it, at least, you will be able to see if your connection is safe or not.

This program is reallty simple to use, but you will need a bit of experience to intorude the data that it requires and to understand the the concepts that are used. Anyway, we repeat that this app is not meant to access the net of other people, but just to check the security that you have in your router and to improve it, if you see that you need it.

This software is the perfect app for Android with which you will be able to look for weak points of coneection in the wireless nets WiFi and chech their security. It is a free app to make deal with the security of the connection and make sure that no one besides you can access it. To make it, WLANAudit uses the public data that it knows of a net and it tries to guess the password to it. If it guesses it, it means that your WiFi connection is nor secure at all.

You will also be able to have all the information of diagnoses of different nets that you have tried, as well as the MAC address, the intensity of it, and teh characteristics of the cypher system that it uses. From this information on, WLANAudit tries to calculate the password of the router or the acces hotspot for WiFi.

In the last versions of the app, the author has added a list of the nets that have already been checked, as a history where all the audits are stored. It also offers the users the possibility to locate the access points on a map.

It does not always find all the information that it looks for, so it can fail more than once when trying to get a password. But generally, it is an app that can offer you mcuh more information of what you think of all the WiFi nets that you have close. Remember that this app has as objective to chech the security of the WiFi nets, and that its function to descypher the passwords should not be used to hacke WiFi nets. So, the usage that you make of WLANAudit is under your own responsability.

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It works pretty well.

6 years ago

It is very complicated and I found my keys. Now I have more secure.

helpful? Thanks

1 votes

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- Sometimes it fails when descyphering the password.

New version 3.1

- There were errors that made the users unable to close some dialogue screens and they have been corrected.

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