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It shows you information from many different sources.
It shows your interesting places as you scan your surroundings
Very easy to use
It allows you to find and filter places, content and other elements and organize them in your Favorites.
It includes games based on augmented reality


Sometimes, it does not find your position correctly.

Augmented reality means that we can extract a lot of information form an object or a physical environment in a digital device, as for example, looking for all the interesting sites that we have close in a map from your Android Smartphone or in your tablet. This is one of the multiples possibilities that you have with this program, one of the best-known and used apps of augmented reality, but it will offer you a lot more than just simply showing you interesting places to visit.

One of the major differences between this software and other apps of augmented reality is that in the other apps you need to scan an image or a code to be able to access to a specific service or content, whereas with Wikitude,    it is enough with a panoramic picture of what you have surrounding you. With this picture, the app will show you all the information regarding hotels and restaurants, bars, monuments and any other important information. The sources from which the app take the information are TripAdvisor, Yelp and, amongst many others.

With this application, you will be able to search places you want to visit or exploring your environment in a completely new way to find the best plan. You can also access tovideos and services such asonline shopping when interacting with some products, seeing important content and organizing them according to your preferences. Tracking your entire environment with this augmented reality scan, you will also be able to find articles from Wikipedia about historical places, cash machines,     tweets with a concrete geolocalization and many other surprises that you will find when looking at the world surrounding you through Wikitude.

Do not forget also, to scan all the shop windows you go shopping because it is more than possible that you find a discountcoupon and unique offersthanks to the augmented reality of this application. And, if all this seems not enough for you, Wikitude even offers you games based in the augmented reality, in which you will be able to play in the same environment you are scanning, as for example, mitigating in an alien invasion.
If you want to discover a lot of interesting places in your city or in your travels, and getting to know all that you have around you thanks to augmented reality, download Wikitude freefor your Android smartphone and tablet.

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Great for travelers

10 years and 11 months ago

I've tried in my town and is fine, but when I really thought was the best trip, because you find many interesting sites, good places (and prices) to eat and sleep for a night out, and lots of things, really, very useful

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