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A non-official web slient for Telegram; one of the best apps of the time.

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Do you want to be able to talk to your contacts if Telegram and follow all your conversations from the keyboard of your computer? It is easy now with this non-official web client for Telegram.

Webogram allows you to chat from the browser in a very simple way as you would do from the same app, with your contacts, chats and files. If you get home and you want to follow comfortably your conversations in the keyboard of your computer and in large screen, you can do it easily as you do not even need to download anything: Webogram is online, free and open source.

Webogram is possible thanks to the open source API of the program, its light weight and a support based in the cloud. To sign in is very simple as it just needs users to register the phone number that we offered when installing Telegram in our mobile device (it uses the same network) and a password that it will be sent to us by SMS (without cost for us).

We will be able to see, in the left, our chats and revise them in the right side with endless scroll. Writing and using smileys, as well as to send any kind of files are possibilities that we have with this web client. Also, you will be able to see the profiles of your friends and our groups, the images and the videos that other users send us, etc., and, even, we can have the notifications in our desktop.

Obviously, there are some advanced features that are not present in this web version of Telegram, like the secret messages that are auto-destroyable, something that it can be only a matter of time to have it also available in all the visions.    Now, we have a way to be able to use Telegram whenever we want and even from any web browser.

Ventajas de usar este software

The commodity to be able to use Telegram from the computer.
It has a simple register.
There are a lot of the features that we have in the mobile version.
It needs a register with the same phone number that we used to register in the mobile version and the security code will arrive us by SMS (free).

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José García

José García



4 years and 11 months ago

Perfect, with no time and have a way to chat with contacts telegram from any computer. learn, whatsapp

helpful? Thanks, (oculto)
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