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Would you like to be able to enjoy again the classic game of Tomb Raider in your iPhone or iPad? Then, now you have available in the App Store the first release of the adventures of Lara Croft; the game where everything started.

It is not a remake, but the original title, but for the good and for the bad. You will be able to revive one of the classics of the video games of the world and enjoy of the difficulty that the puzzles of it offered, jumps and action scenes. If you are looking for the original experience and not altered of the first game of Lara Croft, now you have it available in a low price.

Explore again the mythic Atlantis or the inside of the Pyramids in Egypt... at the beginning, probably it will be somewhat hard to manage the tactile controls, but soon you will be able to enjoy of all the adventures with a device that fits your pocket.    Even that if you play it in your iPad and with a special accessories... the game will clearly benefit from it.

The graphics of Tomb Raider I have also been untouched, so we will see again the classic design of Lara Croft, with angles and a lot of peaks. Those who have not played to the first games have to take into account that the beauty of the first Lara is more conceptual than anything else.

In spite all that, the fun gets intact and the visual quality is not that bad for the times in which we are and for a mobile device. So, if you want to play again to the first Tomb Raider and you have an iPhone or an iPad, you have to download this game.

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Play again to the first Tomb Raider but now in your iPhone. Live the action!


Razones para usar este software

It is the original version, with no changes.
It is a good and long adventure, full of challenges.
Exploration, platforms and shooting in a title that is part of the history of the video games.
For some willo be fine to be the original version; however, there would be others who would have expected a remake or, at least, an improvement.
It is a bit difficult at the beginning to adapt to the tactile controls.

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4 years and 5 months ago

For the price it is great to have a whole play tomb raider. well is not worse than many of the 3d games coming out today. for me it is an essential

helpful? Thanks, tenesee
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