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Engaging, player-driven story.
Memorable characters and relationships.
Visually and audibly evocative design.
Choices with meaningful impact.


Gameplay may be too simplistic for some.
Limited action sequences.
Requires significant emotional investment.
Not suitable for very young gamers.

Welcome to our comprehensive review of The Walking Dead: Season 2, an enchanting and emotionally gripping episodic adventure game developed by Telltale Games. Following the tale of young Clementine in a zombie-ravaged world, this game is lauded for its compelling narrative, impactful choice system, and character development. As you navigate through this heart-rending story, the decisions you make will have far-reaching consequences that tailor your playing experience, making it a highly personal journey.

Experience a Story of Survival and Tough Choices

At its core, The Walking Dead: Season 2 is a story-driven experience where every decision counts. Players will find themselves in harrowing situations where choosing what to say or do can mean the difference between life and death. The richness of the narrative and the depth of the characters add a level of authenticity that immerses players in Clementine’s post-apocalyptic world.

The strength of the game lies in its ability to evoke a strong emotional response from players. It isn’t just about zombies; it’s about managing relationships and dealing with loss in circumstances most dire. With its enhanced graphics and voice acting, every episode pulls you further into the story, making you truly care about the fates of the characters you meet.

Complex Characters and Relationships

The character development in The Walking Dead: Season 2 is a highlight of the game. As Clementine, you interact with a diverse cast of characters, each with their own motivations and backstory. Your relationship with these characters evolves over time, influenced by dialogue choices and actions. This game showcases Telltale’s ability to craft believable human interactions, even in the midst of the undead apocalypse.

What’s particularly remarkable is the transformation of Clementine from Season 1 to Season 2. Her character growth is central to the game, as she learns to navigate a world that’s become even more brutal and unforgiving. Players will empathise with her struggles, celebrate her triumphs, and possibly shed a tear at the more poignant moments of her story.

Meaningful Choices That Shape Your Story

The Walking Dead: Season 2 excels in presenting players with tough moral dilemmas. Unlike some other games where choices lead to superficial outcomes, here, your decisions have lasting impacts. From deciding whom to trust to dilemmas of survival versus morality, each choice affects the direction of the story and your relationships with other survivors.

This profound choice mechanic makes replaying the game a rewarding experience. No two playthroughs are the same, as alternate choices can lead to vastly different scenarios. This variability adds to the game’s value, encouraging players to explore all the “what ifs” of their decisions.

Delve Into the Robust Graphic and Audio Design

The Walking Dead: Season 2 boasts a distinct and striking visual style that’s reminiscent of the original comic book series. The game’s aesthetics perfectly complement the tone of the narrative, with its unique blend of stylised graphics and realistic emotional expressions. The visual portrayal of the harrowing world Clementine finds herself in is nothing short of captivating.

Complementing the visual storytelling is an immersive audio design. The game’s soundtrack is beautifully orchestrated, heightening the tension and emotional weight of key moments. Not to mention, the voice acting is exemplary, breathing life into each character with performances that convey an array of complex emotions, making the whole experience feel incredibly genuine.

Stylised Visuals That Enhance Storytelling

The comic book-style visuals serve as a constant reminder of The Walking Dead’s origins. This aesthetic choice also allows for expressive character animations that play a key role in storytelling. From subtle facial expressions to more dramatic body language, these visuals capture the essence of the high-stakes world where the characters reside.

Favouring an artistic approach rather than hyper-realism, Season 2’s design fosters a unique atmosphere that’s both haunting and beautiful. The palette of muted colours adds to the game’s grim setting, reinforcing the feeling of desolation and danger that lurks around every corner.

Detailed Audio That Immerses You in the Apocalypse

Sound design in The Walking Dead: Season 2 is crucial in creating an authentic apocalyptic atmosphere. The careful blend of ambience, from the groans of approaching zombies to the rustling of leaves underfoot, keeps players on high alert. Every auditory cue has been meticulously crafted to set the tone and inject realism into the game’s world.

The game’s music further accentuates the emotional rollercoaster of Clementine’s journey. The score swells and fades with the narrative, drawing players deeper into the drama. It’s the resonant voice acting, though, that truly anchors the player’s connection to the characters, delivering each line with poise and intensity.

The Intuitive Gameplay Mechanics

Gameplay in The Walking Dead: Season 2 is designed to support its strong narrative. It masterfully blends point-and-click adventure with quick-time events and decision-making, creating an interactive experience that’s both easy to grasp and engaging. The game mechanics are such that they don’t overshadow the story, instead serving to enhance the immersion.

While some critics may argue that the gameplay errs on the side of simplicity, this is, in fact, a deliberate design choice. The limited need for complex inputs or commands allows players to focus on the narrative and choices without getting bogged down by intricate gameplay systems. Each interactive moment feels meaningful and contributes to the unfolding saga of survival.

Point-and-Click Elements for Interactive Exploration

The point-and-click gameplay encourages players to explore their surroundings, interact with objects, and unearth the story at their own pace. This mechanic is seamlessly integrated, allowing for beginner-friendly gameplay while retaining a level of engagement for more seasoned gamers through its exploration and puzzle-solving.

Interactive exploration lets you uncover more about the game’s lore and the characters’ backstories. Whether it’s investigating a seemingly innocuous area or engaging in conversation, the point-and-click aspect ensures that the story is always at the forefront of gameplay.

Quick-Time Events and Decision-Making

Quick-time events (QTEs) are pivotal to the action sequences of The Walking Dead: Season 2, injecting urgency and suspense. These QTEs are well-implemented, often requiring a swift response that mirrors the tense, life-or-death situations confronted by the characters. Effective use of QTEs raises the stakes, making every zombie encounter thrilling.

Decision-making is the crux of player engagement. Throughout the game, you’re prompted to make split-second decisions during conversations or critical junctures. These decisions feel impactful and can be mentally taxing, as you ponder the potential outcomes. The weighing of options underscores the game’s emphasis on the gravity of choices.

How to Download The Walking Dead: Season 2

If you’re keen on embarking on Clementine’s journey in The Walking Dead: Season 2, you’ll be pleased to know the download process is straightforward. Simply follow the download link found at the top of PortalProgramas, and you’ll be a step closer to this remarkable gaming experience. Ensure your PC meets the game’s modest system requirements, and you’re all set for an adventure like no other.

Downloading the game through PortalProgramas is secure and user-friendly. With a reliable internet connection, you can have the entire season ready to play in no time. Revel in the beauty of episodic gaming, where each chapter awaits, promising new twists, turns, and emotional depth.

Who Will Find The Walking Dead: Season 2 Appealing?

Adventure game enthusiasts and fans of rich storytelling will find The Walking Dead: Season 2 particularly appealing. It’s a game that transcends the typical zombie trope to deliver a deep, character-driven narrative, perfect for players who delight in narrative choices with tangible consequences. This game appeals to both veterans of the series and newcomers alike, compelling all who play it to reckon with their own moral compass.

Those with a penchant for emotionally charged experiences and interactive storytelling will be drawn to this title. It promises a journey that’s as much about humanity as it is about survival. Players looking for an engaging story to sink their teeth into will find The Walking Dead: Season 2 to be a powerful and memorable adventure.

  • Immersive narrative: The game weaves an emotional story that is shaped by your choices.
  • Character development: Witness the growth of Clementine and other characters through complex interactions.
  • Stylised graphics: The visual presentation enhances the storytelling and atmospheric tone.
  • Superb voice acting: Convincing performances bring each character’s struggles and triumphs to life.


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Perfect I loved I can play with my favorite character Spoiler: when Kenny appeared I was the best game.

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- Sound: compatible with DirectX 9.0c.

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