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Run for your life once again in Temple Run 2, faster, funnier and more dangerous than ever

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Temple Run 2 is the second proposal from the creators of the acclaimed endless running game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Temple Run, and it's up to renew the unrivaled addiction its first version generated, captivating hundreds of millions of users worldwide and often ranked as one of the 25 most downloaded apps of all time.

After the Temple Run's first release success and with the nice adaptions of the game to Disney films Brave and Oz, Temple Run 2 is here to not disappoint the public expectation of this fast paced platforms game and one of the most frenetic endless running games on the Google Play. It's not hard to see the differences between Temple Run 2 and its forerunner, although the gamplay is virtually the same. But, for starters, its revamped graphics with far more organic weaves that acclimate better the most dangerous flight of the temple and make it far more spectacular.

For those who ignore what this game is all about -and you must be few- Temple Run is about running wild through some Temple's lanes trying to get rid of your chasers as you move left to right and jump to avoid obstacles and dangerous cliffs. It doesn't matter if there are some kind of psychotic monkeys right behind you and you're running nonstop across ridges, hills, bridges and abandoned mines in ruins in the middle of the jungle; there's always time for patrimonial plunder, so you will be catching as many gold coins as you can on your way out of the Temple.

With this coins you have to collect while trying to escape from these wrathful monkeys you'll be able to unlock new characters and to improve their abilities with better skills and really useful power-ups. There are also special powers for each character and you can unlock several achievements too. Another noteworthy novelty in the second release of Temple Run is that this time, rather than be chased for a few little monkeys (though some really mad ones), now your persecutor is a colossal gorilla who could nail you down to the ground under his thumb if he'd want to.

And the best surprise of all is that now, and only for a short period of time, one of the characters you can buy for around a dollar is the sprinter record-holder and globally known for being the fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt!

In sum, Temple Run 2 is an improved version of the original game, keeping the addictive and fast paced gameplay which has served them a lot to win this huge success, but with better 3D graphics, new scenarios and renewed characters who will test again your reflexes to get the best score you can. If you want to feel again the adrenaline running through your veins as you run free through the most dangerous landscapes, download Temple Run 2 for free to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and relive the most amazing and spectacular escape from this temple of Doom.

Ventajas de usar este software

Nice graphics
Keeps the best of the former Temple Run
New characters
It allows you to save before ending each level
Few surprises regarding to the former edition

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Usain Bolt is amazing, but I won't buy it

5 years ago

I don't understand why do I have to pay now with real money to unlock the new character if I always did it by earning enough game money... If it has only a new exclusive powerup, I can't find it tempting enough as to pay a dollar for him... On the other hand, Usain Bolt is amazing and I still love him

helpful? Thanks, ajelan





At the height of the expectations

5 years ago

I really like this second part of the game. I was hooked like crazy to Temple Run and the second part is just what I expected: the same background but with differently.

helpful? Thanks, tecnicopc
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- iOS 4.2 or later

New version 1.49.1

- Now you can unlock Usain Bolt and escape from the Temple with the fastest man on Earth

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