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Smurfs' Village for iPhone

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Have all the fun you can expect and more in the Smurfs' village.

Detailed Analysis

Smurfs' Village is a simulation game based exactly in the comics and cartoons of the well-known    Smurfs. Your goal in the game is to build build the village of the Smurfs, the most famous and growing at all times, the best that has ever been known. You will be able to see your smurfs growing and multiply their resources, in a game similar to Farmville or Ice Age Village.

When you start playing to Smurf's Village, you will find yourself with a Smurf, a mushroom house and a parcel to plant your seeds. From here and under the instructions of Papa Smurf, you will have to collect resources and making small missions that will show you the first buildings that you can build in this game of the Smurfs for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Grow your blue tide of smurfs with gardens and vegetables as well as flowers to give a beautiful envirnoment to the Smurf community. Besides houses and especialized building, you will also be able to create roads, paths, bridges and much more to pass through the river, stations of baloons and even a football field to go on the weekends to practice a bit of sport. But it also includes several minigames to which you will be able to unblock to expand the possibilities of the Smurfs' Village, even some of them are of payment.

With Smurfs' Village, at the end, you have the opportuniy to be the mayor of teh Smurfs and plan a complete village out of nothing. The characters and the graphics have been reproduces as the original smurfs and, beisdes, Papa Smurf, you will also find other classics like the Smurf Girl, Lazy Smurf and the Joking Smurf, amongst many others.    

The farming of food and the collection of resources can be somewhat slow if you do not buy SmurfStrawberries with real money in the app. You can block this option in the settings of your device, what is more than recommendable if you let the youngest of the house play with the Smurfs' Village.

And to end, you will be able to visit the villages of your friends and send them gifts through the Game Center. The game of the Smurfs can also be connected with Facebook so you can share your adventures with your friends in the net. It also includes an offline mode so you can play as much as you want even when you do not have Internet connection.

If you are a fan of the Smurfs and you like the simulation games and the games of city building, the game of the Smurfs is for you. Download Smurfs' Village free in your iOS device and have fun with your lovely Smurfs.

Ventajas de usar este software

It has the original charm of the Smurfs
It has a lot minigames
It has a lot of options to be able to interact with the smurfs
Compatible with Game Center and with Facebook
Some of the elements, objects and minigames are only available after paying

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José García

José García



It's fun, but it slows

5 years and 8 months ago

It is very cool and the Smurfs are super fun, the only downside is that you lose interest slowly because otherwise smurfsberries purchases recharged very slowly and you have to wait long to move forward.

helpful? Thanks, (oculto)
Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.


- It includes iOS 4.3 or later

New version 1.72.0

- It has a new Smurf Community
- Plant and grow in the mountain to get gold and experience.
- It has new buildings and objects: cottage for wheat, telescope and funfair, amongst other fun activities.
- It has new collections of painting for your village
- Improvements have been done in the game so you can have and complete more missions easily.

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