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Compress, convert and join the PDF files that you have online. Save space in your computer for important things.

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The PDF files are still today, one of the most used formats to save and share documents of text and image. And, today, as alwya, these files and its standard blocking in the edition of them give us problems when working with them.    What it changes, it is not the PDF files, but the tools with which we work with them. is a website with 4 different and useful apps online with which you will be able to make easily all the editions in our PDF files.

  • Compress PDF: Drag and drop the PDF files tof which you want to reduce the size. You will be able to edit them ina basic way and reduce its resolution to 144 pi, the standard size fort the web work.
  • Convert images to PDF: convert an image in PDF is as easy as to drag the file in the box of the web. Then, you only need to download the resulting PDF.
  • Convert PDF in images: transform any PDF file in JPEG images. You can download them one by one or in batches in a ZIP files.
  • Join PDFs: a function of the most useful to create big documents based on other smaller documents that we have so we can organize all the information that we have. You only need to upload the PDF files and, thanks to the preview, you will be able to see the result even before you start the joining process.

The best of this service is that opur PFD files are deleted from the online servrs one we have used the system. A service that, as it is based in the Cloud, it is compatible with any browser of Internet and it does not consume resources from our computer and it does not need any free space in it.

Ventajas de usar este software

4 useful fucntions to edit our PDF files.
Simple apps and based on the website.
The PDF files are deleted from the website after the process; they are not store in the online servers.
Nothing important.

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