Entity Sensor Pro-EMF Detector

Entity Sensor Pro-EMF Detector


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A kit of tools of the most modern for the most modern ghostbuster.

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It has a sensor of electromagnetic emissions.
It can record the EVP.
The data obtained can be saved in Google Drive.
It has extra tools like a flashlight, a camera or a movement sensor.


Its interface could be improved.
You ahve to believe in this issue and the detection tools truly work.

This app tries to be an EMF/EVP detector of electromagnetic waves which, according to the authors, uses the capacity of the mobile devices to do this task. According to the modern parapsychology, this kind of emissions would be used by the spirits and other creatures to communicate with us. This converts this app in an essential kit for the modern Ghostbuster.

It is, then, a tool that will allow you to emulate these programs on TV that get into abandoned houses and other terrific places to find ghostly manifestations. However, take one thing into account: if you get, at night, into a solitaire places and dark, ghosts can be the smallest of your problems... so, act with head.

The Pro version of this app, also allows users to capture EVP of the scenery and save them in the mobile so they can listen at them later. A EVP with modeled sounds for a supernatural creature to formulate words and phrases with sense. Resuming, something that it is very scary if you reach to listen it in your recordings, but which it is the main aim of this app.

Entity Sensor also offers users a complete set of tools for their adventures, as an integrated flashlight, camera, audio and video recording or a sensor of vibrations. You just have to leave the mobile in a place where you think there can be something and you will be able to check it if there is any reaction. What would be the worst that could happen?

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