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On-Screen Keyboard Portable


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Transport your on-screen keyboard settings.

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On-Screen Keyboard Portable is a very useful programme for people requiring a different keyboard or one with different settings to the others for any reason. With this programme the keyboard can be set to how we wish it to be and, morevoer, we can always take it with us to use on any computer we need to.

This programme works very easily, as it will copy the settings we have in our on-screen keyboard for Windows to a mobile device so that we can use it on any computer we need to.

The application is quite comprehensive, as it lets us transport several aspects of our keyboard settings, which could be the different distribution of the keys, the sounds, applications, etc. Therefore, we can access it from any computer and use it as if we were working with our own computer.

It is a very simple programme to have as all we have to do is download it onto the device we want and, by running it, the settings are saved automatically.

Easy to use and very useful, this will be the ideal programme for anyone who wants to have their own keyboard on any equipment.


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