Plants vs. Zombies 2 for iPhone

Plants vs. Zombies 2 for iPhone

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More plants, more zombies and travel through time to finish with all the zombies.

Detailed Analysis

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is the so much expected second release of the tower defense popular game for mobile devices Plants vs. Zombies. It is very similar to the first release of the game, but it adds new plants, zombies, sceneries, enhancers, and a lot of other news and surprises so you can keep on spending time and have fun defending your garden of the endless army of the undead.

In this occasion, your fight against the zombies goes beyond the lines of time and, together with Crazy Dave, you will have to get into a caravan able to travel to the past to fight against mummy zombies in ancient Egypt, against zombie pirates in the high seas and cowboy zombies in the wild west. Like in the first edition, every new zombie has its own form of behaving, with their attacking characteristics and their evil points, which you will have to have the best defense stategy.

But, what the Zombies do not know is that you have also renewed your seed arsenals, and now you have new plants (more than what they know) that shoot lethal petal at the zombies; they will attack with force or be left fried from the electric shock. In addition, you will also lend a hand to the enhancers    and make it so the zombies repent and do not die, which if you are successful, you will have a lot of coins or get some of the micropayments within the app to get extras.    

If you have played with Plants vs. Zombies before, do not wait to start playing the second edition, since the dynamic of the game is really similar, and every time you find something new, you will find explanations. It also will not be bad if you are    a fan tower defense games, which you the plot of this game shares. Before the herd of enemies arrives, you can collect your defenses ( in this case plants) for a strategy to finish with all the zombies before they get to you. Some improvements are available in the game, you can upgrade your plants to fight against the zombies that get tougher and more numerous.    

The game includes various minigames, rewards and hidden levels that you can unlock if you plan your strategies to defeat the zombies well. If you liked the first installment of Plants vs. Zombies or you want to try a game of strategy and tower defense with a lot of humor, download Plants vs. Zombies 2 free for your iPhone and start planning the best seeds, because the zombies are near.

Razones para usar este software

New zombies and plants to plant
Includes minigames and distinct rewards
Better graphics than the first game
Really funny
Really similar to the first edition of the game with small improvements

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Good second half

4 years and 8 months ago

I like this second part, I thought I would get bored being a bit the same, but recognize that they have known how to add new elements to the game enganchándote continue. I really like the new zombies and scenarios

helpful? Thanks, tecnicopc
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