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when you want to download files, no matter if they are videos, text, images or audio files, it is possible that we only look for this or, maybe, for a little more, a really powerful manager that shows a better management capacity for the download. So, if we do not only want to execute this basic function, but we want other kinds of functions that complement the download, we can try a program called Orbit Downloader, an app that will offer us a lot of different functions of management of the download files and, thus, check the quality of each of the files that we are downloading.    

With Orbit Downloader, we will have the files that we are looking for in a faster way, clean, simple and without having to wait to see the content of it.    This manager offers us a different possibility, where users will have the opportunity to stop the download files, restart it, without this being a problem for the file that is being downloaded. The key to its speed is because it uses the system of a well nurtured network of users connected through P2P.

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Oct. 10

13 years ago

Very good program they recommend.

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