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    Open source software is your best option. Software without no restrictions and a great quality.

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What features does the open source software?

  • You can use the program for any purpose (freedom 0)

    There aren't restrictions about use of the app. E. g. educational purposes, commercial ones... all are allowed.

  • You can study how it works and create modified (freedom 1)

    Developers must offer software font code. Thanks to it, people with programming knowledge can add features or modify them.

  • You can freely redistribute it (freedom 2)

    Sharing it is not a crime. You can copy open source software and give it anyone you want. Even you can earn money for this.

  • You can distribute the copies of the modified versiones (freedom 3)

    In addition to modify the program (freedom 1) you can redistribute these modifications; even earn money selling them.

FAQ about open source software

  • ¿Is it safe to use open source software?

    Is a safe software if you download it from a reliable sorce. Contrary to what it may seem, the fact that everyone has access to the source code helps erros be found and solved fast. Is very common to have a developers community behind that maintain the project.

  • Is is free Open Source software?

    Not necessarily. Above we've seen 4 open source software features, and none of them are related with price. But it usually tends to be free to home users.

  • Who develops open source software?

    Most small projects are developed by amateur developers communities, people who are passionate about this kind of altruistic philosophy and wants to contribute with their knowledge and work. In bigger projects, there are large companies with budgets destined to develop apps. E.g. Firefox or OpenOffice.

  • How open source software is earning monery?

    It's possible to earn money with open source software. But it's usually focused on a enterprise level. Not earning money by licenses (open source software tends to be free) but with extra services: customized options for the software, learning courses, technical support... This topic is very extensive, so we have a post that can bring you more information: How can make money open source developers?.

Where can I find more information?

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