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Open Source Universities Ranking

Which American universities collaborate more in the broadcasting of open source software

See the ranking

Opinion of the experts

I think the fact that [RuSL], exists in any form, serves to call attention to open source software in the university and in society J.J. Melero
OSL Manager of the Univ. of Granada
To show up to which point open source software is intergrated in the universities, the Ranking of Universities in Open Source Software (RuSL) has been prepared Writing for 20minutos.es
Without doubt, [RuSL] is a good initiative for standardizing the data on the efforts being made by the Spanish universities on Open Source Software subjects. Esperanza Hernández
FayerWayer's editor
I wanted to thank you for your work and the good job performed on the interview published this week, thanks to which, we are receiving a great number of congratulatory messages for our work. Rafael Rodríguez Gayoso
OSL Coordinator at the Galician University