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Increase webpages text size and choose a minimum one

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We spend many hours surfing the internet, and to have visual fatique is very common. For this reason is not pleasant to find webpages filled with small text. We can change page zoom... but if we only want to increase font size, this Firefox extension is a must-have.

"No small text" is a Firefox add-on which will help us to easily adjust text size from webs. Also we will be able to set a minimum size for all texts in internet webpages. This way you won't need to perform these changes manually in every page.

You can activate or deactivate this extension from a little button next to Firefox toolbar. This is very useful, so sometimes web layouts can be modified too much. If wee see pages too ugly and we don't like what this extension have done to a webpage layout, you only have to deactivate the extension from his button.

Think of it. If now you are reading this approaching your head to the screen, maybe you need "No Small Text".

Razones para usar este software

Enlarges text only, in a better way than doing it from browser options.
You can activate and deactivate it quickly.
Some pages may change his layout too much.

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4 years and 9 months ago

so good it should come standard with firefox

helpful? Thanks, iloveWindows
Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.

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