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This is an application created for the administration of a home or small business and the account management.

There is no small business or home that does not need a certain support with the management accounting and the administration to avoid complications or problems with the accounts. Microsoft Money Deluxe has been created to perform that function, to become the partner who brings simplicity, order and clarity to the economy of a particular unit, making life easier when it comes to controlling revenues and expenses.

Microsoft Money Deluxe has several options that will to become essential for you after downloading the application. This software lets you establish a calendar of duties, whether monthly, daily or weekly, assigning a cost to each one, either a fixed amount or included within a range. You will also have the possibility to manage data from bank accounts, as well as making budgets and doing a track of all the currency movements, whether receipts or payments.

Microsoft Money Deluxe will be your personal assistant, an accountant at your disposal the 24 hours of the day so that you do not have any problem with the household economy or the economy of your small business.


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