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microsoft word

New version available of Microsoft Word but now for Mac.

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microsoft excel

Now, we will be able to have the original Microsoft Excel in our Mac. Fully compatible and with all the options.

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final cut pro x

Program that will offer us the most complete video editing program and tools.

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microsoft office

Now available for your Mac, all of the potential of Office 2016.

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grand theft auto san andreas

Here comes the new version of this amazing game, now available for your Mac.

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microsoft powerpoint 2011

Now, you will be able to do all the presentations you need in a clear and easier way from your Mac.

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With a minimalist design, functional and easy to use MacFly Pro is what you need to do a system analysis and get a clean hard drive.

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radiant defense

The game goal is to fend off the aliens and beat all missions.

Free Download

All the necessary codecs for your videos and audios with this program. You will not have any more error messages.

Free (Open Source) Download
video file converter

Now, all the videos in the format that we want with this complete video converser.

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xmlmind xml editor

Now, you will have a complete tool to edit easily all the languages of your website.

Free Download

Now, you will be able to view all our pictures in an easy manner with this new and powerfult images viewer.

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google maps plugin

Now, you will know where your friends are at all the times.

Free Download

Do not forget anything that you need to do with Pester. Your mobile, always reminding you of the important things.

Free Download

One of the best task manager: elegant, simple to use and multiplatform.

Free Download

Are you looking for an alternative to your office suite? Try this new one for your Mac.

Free (Open Source) Download

Complete program to improve the productivity. It has a chronometer and a timer, all in one.

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This tool is the best way to organize all your tasks seamlessly.

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tomb raider

Here comes a new Lara Croft in your Mac.

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blue block free

A new and fun game that forces you to think.

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Do you like puzzles? Here you have some of them for resolve it, if you could.

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asphalt 6 adrenaline

All the adrenaline you can think of in this game for your computer.

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deus ex human revolution

New delivery for Deus Ex game and more action in this new game.

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Solve all the sudokus that you have in your screen and create your own completely customized. The best game for sudokus.

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smart converter

The best tool to convert all our videos in a really fast and comfortable manner so we can enjoy them everywhere.

Free Download
gom player

The perfect program to avoid errors when playing videos on Mac.

Free Download
macx video converter free

A complete and free video converter for all Mac users.

Free Download
macvcd x

A multimedia files player for all our computers.

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Convert all your DVD to MP4 format so you can watch at them everywhere you are and with any device you have.

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mplayer osx extended

Enjoy even more of your musci with the improvements done in MPlayer OSX; more complete and a lot more functional.

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Sound and audio

express scribe

Transcribe all the audio files in a simple and fast manner.

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ableton live

Edit all your audio files with this complete and easy-to-use program for your Mac.

Trial Download

Put your iTunes when you want with a blurring effect; a new effect for your iTunes.

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id3 editor

Now, you can have all the labels you want for all your MP3 audio files. Find always what you need.

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Have a huge collection of songs? Manage them easily with this complete program.

Free (Open Source) Download

Manage all our music notes easily with this program, designed specifically for professional musicians.

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