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A fun and ingenious game for you to explore all your creativity.


Many different levels
great graphics
Dynamic game with a great original idea

Help Me Fly is a fun and simple to understand game in which you are going to be able to use all your ingenuous and creativity if you want to be able to beat all the 90 different levels that the game has to offer.

Your mission in Help Me Fly is none other than helping a pilot start a plane and make it so that it can fly and fly. To do this, you are going to have to do a lot of different puzzles where you will have the elements you need available.    

Help Me Fly is simple to use and a complete game with good graphics. It is ideal for all ages, which it is a game that makes you think and is very addictive. Your mind will not be able to work while you have this game.

Help Me Fly is a great game that you have to try if you like games with a good design, with many levels and in which you can use your mind to solve all the different puzzles that you are given.

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4 years and 4 months ago

A really good app.

helpful? Thanks
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